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Scientific work
Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya embankment, 17.
phone: (812) 323-3578, (812) 323-6496






Museum “Apartment of I.I.Brodsky”

Museum “Apartment of I.I.Brodsky” is located in the very center of Saint Petersburg in the Square of Arts in a house built by design of K.Rossi and L. Benois.

I.I.Brodsky, a prominent artists, a favorite student of I.Ye.Repin lived in this apartment last 15 years of his life from 1924 till 1939. In 1949 it was converted into a museum which presents a unique collection of Russian artists gathered by I.I.Brodsky, and works of the artist himself. Some memorial items had been preserved: furniture, books and photographs with autographs of many prominent people which create a special atmosphere of an artist’s home, atmosphere of life in the epoch of the 1920s-1930s.

The Museum’s exhibition hall presents temporary exhibitions of modern artists. The second floor, the studio, a hall with excellent acoustics in the 19th century was used for soirees of the music and literature salon of the Earls Vielgorskye, presently it is used for chamber concerts of the classical music.

Address of the museum:

3, pl.Iskusstv (Square of Arts), 191011, Saint Petersburg
Phone: +7 (812) 314-36-58

The Museum is open all days in a week, working hours 12:00- 19:00 except of Monday and Tuesday.
Subway station “Gostiny Dvor”

Chief of the department – Natalia Mikhailovna Balakina.

The information of exhibitions is in menu-item EXHIBITIONS.

On 31st of July museum is closed.
On 20th of March museum is closed.

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